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Auto Repair in Natomas, CA


The community of Natomas is located in northwestern Sacramento, CA. As the last area of Sacramento that has not been fully developed, Natomas has experienced major residential development since the 1990s. The entire community covers a land area of about 20 square miles.

Natomas is defined as south of the Sacramento County line, north of the the American River, west of the Natomas East Main Drain, and east of the Sacramento River. The Sacramento International Airport sits within these boundaries, and Natomas is the closest part of Sacramento to the airport. Many hotels are located here.

Sleep Train Arena is a major draw to the area. Natomas also became a popular spot for legislators to buy second residences during the real estate boom of the early 2000s, thanks to relative affordability and proximity to the capitol.

Many residents commute from Natomas to Sacramento on a regular basis. When these drivers from Natomas need vehicle service or repairs, they can always count on the experience and expertise of Sacramento Specialty Automotive. We're proud to provide dependable workmanship, attentive customer service and exceptional value on every visit. Our shop is conveniently located on Richards Boulevard in Sacramento.